Colouring Sheets

Isn’t it wonderful how books come to life through illustrations? They really do help spark your imagination. 

Rebecca Harry drew the beautiful cover and exquisite pencil illustrations inside ‘The Sea House.’ They really are magical and took my breath away when I first saw them, they were everything I could have dreamed of and more.

You can visit her website and find out how she created the characters here

Andy Catling is the name of the fantastic illustrator for ‘Boo-a-bog in the Park.’ He created  a cuddly, bright blue and yellow monster. As soon as I saw Boo-a-bog, I just wanted to give him a big hug! I asked Andy to make the little boy in the story, Tom, look a bit like my son when he was younger. So I sent Andy a picture of Gabriel, and he did! This makes these illustrations very special to me. If you’d like to see other characters he’s created, you can head to his website. Oh and you should know, Andy thinks he is a pirate!

I think it’s lovely how the illustrations for the two books are so different and how both styles really  suit the different stories. Rebecca’s drawings for ‘The Sea House’ are delicate and detailed, which seem to reflect parts of the story. Andy’s ‘Boo-a-bog’ illustrations are big, bold, bright, and full of energy and fun - just like our furry monster friend, Boo-a-bog! 

I hope you you have fun with these colouring sheets. I wonder what colours you will choose to use? Or maybe you’d like to draw fish or monster buddies from your own imagination? 

I’d love to see what you create. Maybe you could send me a picture?
Thank you!