The Sea House Song

Play the music and sing along.

The Sea House Song.jpg

Music is a really important part of ‘The Sea House.’  Many of the sea creatures and fish in the story love to have fun by singing and dancing. When Coral sings the Welsh hymn ‘Calon Lan’ it moves some of her fish friends to tears, but it also prompts Stealth the stingray to attack. It just shows how powerful music can be. 

I loved writing the words for The Sea House song, but I couldn’t help thinking that it would be Fabulous if the song had an actual tune, so that we all could sing along with our Sea House friends too.

One day, I was sitting on a beach with my friend Gwyn, who is also Gabriel’s piano teacher. We were looking out at the sea, full of all the creatures in the story, swimming below the surface, and Gwyn said he’d write the music. He immediately had lots of ideas about how it should sound and I couldn’t wait to hear it! 

‘I was delighted when Lucy asked me to write a song for her book,’ says Gwyn. ‘The Calypso rhythms are very catchy and the words are simple enough for everyone to pick up easily. Add a pair of maracas and you’ll be singing this sweet song in your sleep!’

You can listen to my son Gabriel singing ’The Sea House Song’  with some of his friends.


Why don’t you try to sing along with them?

You might like to learn how to play the song on the piano too.

and here you can listen to how it’s played.


Or if you know someone who plays the piano, a family member or teacher, perhaps you could ask them to play the song for you?

Gwyn and I hope you love the tune as much as we do. But watch out, it’s an ear worm!
You may be humming the chorus for weeks! 

Gwyn Morgans is a qualified teacher, musician, composer and pianist. If you’d like any more information, contact him here