Hello you!

I’m Lucy and I want to say a big thank you for visiting this website. I hope you have fun taking a look around. There is music to listen to, colouring, and some extra stories too!

Most of the week, I’m a television presenter for BBC Wales. I work as part of the news team, telling people about what is going on across Wales. I also present a consumer programme, where we help people who’ve had problems with things they’ve bought.

Away from my proper job, I just love writing stories. I escape into my imagination and let it take me wherever it wants to go. I never know where I’ll end up! Do you like using your imagination too? 

I started writing poems and stories for my son when he was 2. Gabriel is 11 now and I read everything I write to him. He always tells me truth, especially if he thinks it’s not very good! Luckily, these stories have all passed the Gabs test!

I’ve noticed that even though the stories I write seem very different, underneath many have a similar message.

They are often about how we can find the courage to be strong and kind, even when we are finding life difficult. I think we all have that strength is inside us. In fact, I know you do! 

I hope you enjoy them.