The Sea House

I hope you’ll love these stories. I loved writing them.

This story is about a brave girl called Coral. One night though, she cries so much she fills her whole house up with tears. She wakes up to find a magical underwater sea world in her own home! The wonderful creatures she meets become her new best friends. But not all of them want to have fun. Can Coral overcome the darkness in the house and save her friends and herself? 

For me this book is about finding the strength inside yourself, no matter what you’re faced with. I hope it also makes us think about the wonderful creatures who live in sea, and makes us realise how important it is to protect them.

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the sea house book.jpg
Reading The Sea House with my daughter and seeing the enchantment in her face as she reads has been just wonderful.  It’s a magical story that’s perfect for family reading.
— Alex Winters, children’s television presenter.
The Sea House is a wonderful book, beautifully written with stunning illustrations. It brings the marine world literally into our living rooms and I sincerely hope it helps to awaken a respect and understanding of the marine environment in its readers, young and old alike.
—  Iolo Williams, naturalist and broadcaster.
What a wonderful, heart-warming, encouraging, uplifting, empowering story.
— Elin Manahan Thomas, soprano.